Our Team

Col. James Regenor (Ret)

Founder | President & CEO
U.S. Air Force Veteran
37 Years of Aerospace Logistics Experience PNAF Commander Missile Crew
  • 9Moog
  • 9Techstars
  • 9Blockchain Resources Group, LLC
  • 9The White House
  • 9U.S. Air Force

Legrand Richard Groves

U.S. Air Force Veteran
39 Years of Business, Sales, & Trading Experience, NFT Expert
  • 9Blockchain Resources Group, LLC.
  • 9Techstars
  • 9A&T Construction
  • 9U.S. Air Force
  • 9EG Data Partners
  • 9LRG Services, LLC

Keaton Regenor

Business Development
5 Years of Sales & Blockchain Experience, NFT Expert
  • 9Blockchain Resources Group, LLC.
  • 9Techstars

Jon Pierowicz

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
7 Years of Corporate and Finance Legal Experience, Startup Expert
  • 9Viridi
  • 9Morgan Lewis
  • 9UCLA School of Law
  • 9United State Marine Corps
Jessica Spino

Kristin “Kris” Horan

Director, Project Management
USAFR Lt. Col. 
15 Years of Logistics and IT Blockchain Experience, NFT Expert
  • 9U.S. Air Force
  • 9KAW Enterprises, LLC
  • 9U.S. Department of Defense
  • 9Joint Chiefs of Staff
Jessica Spino

Timothy Abbott

Director, Product Development
U.S. Navy Veteran
27 Years Supply Chain and Digital Transformation Experience, Blockchain Solutions Expert
  • 9Moog
  • 9Praxair
  • 9Covanta
  • 9Cameron
  • 9U.S. Navy
Jessica Spino

Jessica Spino

Marketing Director (Contract)
9 Years Marketing & Operations Experience
Go-to-Market Strategist, Branding & Product Marketing Expert
  • 9Cornell University
  • 9SUNY at Buffalo

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