Creating a Secure Digital Supply Chain for a More Productive World

VeriTX was founded to provide secure digital supply chain solutions by ensuring data integrity and provenance; process integrity; and  performance integrity in a logistics under attack framework for DoD and commercial customers.

New Applications and Services to help secure your data pipeline

Our Digital Supply Chain drives productivity and efficiency in expanding web3


Fortis tracks provenance, provides data verifiability and enforces least privileged access via a combination of blockchain and communication agents to ensure trusted operations in a Logistics Under Attached (LUA) framework.

3 Required Integrities




Trusted Digital Supply Chain for decentralized manufacturing


Marketplace is an online platform for buying and selling digital and physical parts and components utilizing blockchain technology and advanced manufacturing (AM) to securely move digital assets for manufacturing to the point of use at the time of need.

The World of D-Commerce (digital commerce)

With the convergence of advanced manufacturing (3D printing and CNC) and blockchain provenance, a design file can transform directly to a product, skipping many traditional manufacturing steps and can be manufactured at the point of use and time of need.

Marketplace links trusted sellers and buyers in one digital marketplace across multiple industries. OEMs can securely upload digital rights-managed (DRM) part files to an online platform where buyers with the right qualifications and manufacturing capacity can purchase and download them to be manufactured at the point of use and time of need.

  • Aerospace



Seamless data and process integrity for Digital Supply Chains


Xelerate, a green manufacturing platform that increases customer ESG scores and offset climate impact by leveraging tech convergence zones of blockchain, 3D printing, advanced materials & design, and AI

Benefits of the Xelerate Platform

Aggregate like minded companies

Offset climate impact at the time of transaction with Carbon Credits

Prepare for and adapt to new regulations

Innovate and improve efficiency

Minimize the impact of disruption from evolving business models

Create positive
brand image

Technology Providers

Blockchain Based Maintenance/Lease Records Subscription Service

VeriTX has a created a full end-to-end digital supply chain from discovery of a discrepancy to creating a supply demand for parts to creating a job ticket for repair. Additionally, all of these actions are recorded in a digital health record for the aircraft. These records will enable aggregation of data to enable predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions. In the event of an escape or incident, the aggregated data will enable rapid reverse forensics to identify the scope and magnitude of the problem.


All records in a digital format


Enable out-station maintenance to enter data directly into the forms


Capture all of the repair information not just the discrepancy and corrective action. Use that meta data to begin to create efficiencies in your maintenance operations.


Complete set of records for lease audits and exits…eliminate fines for missing or incorrect data.

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