Data Assurance as a Service

At VeriTX, our vision is to provide individuals and corporate enterprises with tools to manage, secure, and track their data in real-time.

What is Data Assurance?

Data assurance ensures the reliability, security, integrity, and availability of data within an organization or system.

It involves implementing measures and practices to guarantee that data is properly collected, stored, processed, and transmitted in a secure and consistent manner while minimizing the risks associated with errors, inconsistencies, unauthorized access, and data loss.

Why does it matter?

As the foundation of modern business and technology, data plays a critical role in organizational success and sustainability.  Therefore, it is essential that organizations collecting, accessing, using and sharing data are doing so in trustworthy ways (The Open Data Institute, February 2023).

Data assurance is essential for maintaining operational excellence, preserving customer trust, complying with regulations, mitigating risks, and enabling informed decision-making.  The problem, until now, has been how to create data provenance across networks and within environments to guarantee trusted operations.

The solution is

FORTIS provides real-time file transfer and file monitoring to ensure trusted operations for data at rest and in motion… all for less than the cost of a postage stamp!


Data Protected

FORTIS uses a combination of blockchain and cryptographic agents to protect your data.


Manipulation Detected

With the lowest mean time to detection in the industry, FORTIS automatically notifies you in real-time that your data has been changed or manipulated.  The affected data is quarantined to prevent the use of bad data.

Provenance Connected

FORTIS provides an audit trail for your data for transparent and trusted transactions.

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