In today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, integrating physical and digital domains has become a focal point of innovation and efficiency. At VeriTX, we have developed Fortis Quantum Solutions to position our technology solutions at the forefront of this transformation. With our newly granted patent, we utilize Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create digital twins for physical parts in the aerospace and advanced machinery verticals. This innovation, known as the “phygital bridge,” leverages cutting-edge technology to seamlessly connect the physical and digital worlds, enhancing data management and maintenance while ushering in a new era for the security of digital and physical assets.

Our Patented Solution: Leveraging NFTs and Unique Identifiers

Our patented solution uses NFTs and can be coupled with unique identifiers like taggants or QR codes. The patent abstract describes a method of blockchain tokenization of aircraft and other complex machinery involving the creation of a series of nesting Blockchain Smart Contracts (BSC) or Blockchain Non-Fungible Tokens (BNFT) to digitally twin the complete structure of an aircraft or other complex machines and collect data from the series of nesting BSC or BNFT throughout the entire product life cycle. Each BSC or BNFT represents a part of the aircraft or other complex machine, from an individual part level to a component level to a subsystem level and/or a system level to an airplane or other complex machine level, in a cascading architecture. The collected data can be used to perform reverse forensics in the case of a part failure or mishap and to track and trace a part of the aircraft or other complex machine.

Strategic Partnerships

A crucial aspect of our phygital bridge is our partnership with IBM through IBM Hyper Protect Data. This collaboration lets us quantum-proof our NFTs using IBM’s post-quantum encryption technology, specifically leveraging IBM’s CRYSTALS Dilithium algorithm. Infusing IBM’s post-quantum tools into the phygital bridge ensures the data associated with each digital twin remains secure against the advanced computational threats posed by quantum computing. Furthermore, VeriTX provides tamper-evidence capabilities to detect and alert users if data has been accessed or corrupted, thereby safeguarding the integrity and authenticity of the digital information and its provenance.

Blockchain Integration

VeriTX’s proprietary blockchain integration is vital in maintaining data provenance, offering a transparent and immutable record of all transactions and changes. This ensures that the history and origin of each part are verifiable and trustworthy, enabling certified pedigreed data along the digital thread that spans each part’s lifecycle. Embedding unique identifiers into each part ensures that every part is tagged uniquely with all data secured with IBM’s post-quantum tools.

Industry Impact

This combination of technology is set to revolutionize operational security, readiness, and effectiveness in the military domain. The cyber domain is heavily contested, with adversaries in the Great Power Competition seeking to exploit data for operational gains. Corrupted data in manufacturing can lead to failures and create uncertainty among operators. Recall the uncertainty caused by the F-22 onboard oxygen system failures, which led to pilots refusing to fly until the system was fixed.

Additionally, adversaries can attack supply chains by flooding them with replica parts that do not meet the required material or mechanical properties, effectively sabotaging our systems and machines. The aerospace industry is fortunate that the hundreds of fake parts that found their way into the world’s most famous aircraft engine were detected before causing adverse failures. Our phygital twin solution is designed to detect and counter such attacks. By providing detailed, verifiable records and integrating unique identifiers and other taggants, we can ensure that only genuine components are used, thus maintaining the integrity of our supply chains and the reliability of our machinery.

Defending the Digital Battlefield

The digital battlefield requires robust tools to defend against and defeat adversarial attacks. Fortis Quantum Solutions’ phygital bridge offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. We integrate advanced encryption, tamper-evidence, and blockchain technology to provide unparalleled security and reliability for digital twins in aerospace and advanced machinery. This innovation enhances operational efficiency and readiness while fortifying our cyber defense to ensure that our military remains prepared and resilient in the face of emerging threats.

Commitment to Innovation

At VeriTX, we are committed to pioneering technologies that bridge the physical and digital worlds. Our phygital bridge is a testament to our dedication to innovation, security, and operational excellence. By embracing these advanced technologies and collaborating with technical partners like IBM, we can build a safer, more efficient future for aerospace, advanced machinery, and beyond.

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