In an era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), the need for robust data assurance solutions has never been more pressing. As adversaries continue to employ sophisticated tactics (such as the “steal now, decrypt later” strategy) to undermine national security – organizations must proactively fortify their digital infrastructure against evolving threats. Enter Fortis Quantum Solutions by VeriTX®, a trailblazer in data assurance, poised to revolutionize how we safeguard critical information.

At the heart of Fortis Quantum Solutions lies a strong commitment to innovation and collaboration. By partnering with industry leader IBM, Fortis Quantum Solutions harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of adversaries. Utilizing IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Service key pairs (a quantum-safe solution) and the Watsonx AI platform, Fortis Quantum Solutions empowers organizations to protect their data with unparalleled security measures. These advancements safeguard against current threats and future-proof against emerging risks, ensuring data integrity in an ever-changing landscape.

VeriTX ® has become a leading innovator using IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Services (HPCS) by integrating with their FIPS 140-2 Level 4 security-certified hardware. By integrating with IBM HPCS, VeriTX ® is able to offer the highest level of key security management offered by any cloud provider to secure our system and user data.  

This integration is particularly crucial for maintaining customer trust and compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. As businesses continue to move more sensitive and CUI data to the cloud, the need for increased security measures is becoming more and more important. VeriTX ® is excited to leverage IBM’s technology and offer these services to our customers. 

The urgency of Fortis Quantum Solutions’ mission cannot be overstated, particularly in national security. The “steal now, decrypt later” strategy poses a clear and present danger to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), threatening to compromise sensitive information vital to national interests. By leveraging quantum-proofing technologies and advanced AI, Fortis stands as a bulwark against these threats, enabling organizations to operate in an increasingly hostile digital environment confidently. 

However, Fortis recognizes that the challenges of VUCA cannot be tackled in isolation. Collaboration is key to overcoming the complexities of modern threats. By fostering alliances with trusted industry leaders like IBM, Fortis Quantum Solutions aims to create a united front against cyber adversaries, pooling resources and expertise to develop innovative solutions that outmatch the tactics of our adversaries. Together, we can navigate the uncertainties of the digital age and secure a brighter, safer future for all. 

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