Item Authentication

High-value items are often targets for counterfeiting, fraud, and theft, making it essential to have robust authentication mechanisms in place. Read the free whitepaper to see how data assurance with FORTIS™ ensures that the data used for verification is reliable, secure, and tamper-proof.

Assures Data Reliability and Integrity

Using FORTIS™ ensures the reliability of data like product specifications, manufacturing details, and ownership history remain unchanged and authentic throughout its lifecycle.

This prevents unauthorized modifications that could compromise the authentication process.

Leverages Blockchain and Immutable Ledgers

FORTIS™ ensures data immutability and decentralization by recording key information about the item on a blockchain.

This makes it impossible to alter or manipulate the data, providing a high level of trust and transparency.

Provides Security and Privacy

High-value item authentication often involves sensitive data, such as ownership information, trade secrets, or proprietary manufacturing techniques.

FORTIS™ ensures that this information is adequately protected from unauthorized access and data breaches by using robust encryption and access controls to safeguard the data’s confidentiality.

Guarantees Transparency and Traceability

FORTIS™ offers transparency and traceability in the supply chain with accurate and authenticated data at each stage of the item’s journey.

This makes it easier to trace its origin, manufacturing process, and distribution channels to identify potential points of compromise and ensure a higher level of authenticity.

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