Data assurance is critical in maintaining the integrity of legal processes, protecting sensitive information, and ensuring trust in the legal system. As technology continues to evolve, FORTIS™ has the power to shape the future of the legal profession. Download the free whitepaper below to learn how!

Streamlines and Automates Processes

FORTIS™ technology leverages blockchain and other communication agents that provide a tamper-resistant and transparent ledger for contracts, transactions, affidavits, and property ownership records.

Furthermore, smart contracts can automate contract execution, reducing the need for intermediaries and enhancing trust between parties.

Facilitates Identity Verification in eSigning

Data assurance with FORTIS™ facilitates the use of digital signatures for electronic documents, making them legally binding and ensuring their authenticity.

Digital signatures help verify the identity of signers, while enforcing and protecting the integrity of the signed documents.

Tracks Provenance and Chain of Custody

In modern legal cases, electronic data is frequently used as evidence. Data assurance with FORTIS™ ensures the authenticity, integrity, and admissibility of electronically stored information (ESI) during eDiscovery.

This involves establishing a chain of custody for digital evidence to demonstrate that it has not been tampered with or altered, thus, linking physical property and evidence with digital provenance.

Guarantees Transparency and Traceability

Legal professionals deal with vast amounts of sensitive data, including client records, case files, and privileged communications.

Implementing robust data security measures with FORTIS™ helps prevent data breaches, unauthorized access or changes, and data theft and helps prevent and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks and data breaches.

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