Fortis tracks provenance, provides data verifiability, and enforces least privileged access via a combination of blockchain and communication agents to enable trusted operations in Logistics Under Attack (LUA) framework.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Fortis creates data provenance across networks & within environments

Data security from OEM’s initial design to production at the point of use.

Air Logistics Center

Fortis Digital Supply Chain Advantages

Zero Trust

Across multiple organizations & environments

Data Breach Detection

Data-centric security model independent of the trust level of network it operates on

Authentication & Authorization Policies

Follow the data throughout the supply chain & product life cycle


Data integrity across systems & environments

Digital Twin

Historical record of data pull, or query created


  1. Supply chain marketplace allows OEMs to securely upload digital rights-managed (DRM) part files to an online hub, where buyers with the right qualifications and manufacturing capacity can purchase and download them.
  2. Each produced part has a “digital fingerprint” in the form of an embedded tag or printed code associated with the blockchain hash to provide proof against counterfeiting.
  3. Blockchain technology protects the provenance of the part designs, while biometrics secure them on the manufacturing side; only a known and identified recipient can receive the digital asset.

Example Secure Digital Supply Chain


Total Cost: -30%
Waste: -90%
Prototyping Time: -60%
Non-value add costs: -80%


Up-Time: +25%
Mx Errors: -30%


Inspection Time: -40%
Correct Paperwork: +100%
Authentic Part: +100%


Part Lead Times: -100x
TTM: -4x
Suppliers: -25%


IP Proliferation: -99%
Production Hacks: 0
Date Breaches: -99%


Useful Insights: +80%
Meta-Data Usage: +80%
Info Flow Speed: +70%

VeriTX Aerospace Case Studies

Platform + Services

Seamless Data and process integrity for Digital Supply Chains

Xelerate is a trusted manufacturing execution system and prescribed data management flow that ensures process integrity in highly regulated industries and those operating in contested environments.

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